♫ Oh we all love Clover, All over this land ♫


The past few weeks have been fairly quiet on the sewing front for me, somewhere between the colder weather, working lots of earlies, trying to muster the energy to meet up with friends and family and still trying to have quality time with the loving boyfriend (and by quality I mean nights where I’m not asleep on the sofa by 8pm) I’ve struggled to find the time to make a start on any new projects.

But luckily for me, and possibly for you, I’ve got a backlog of projects to post here on my little blog space. And a spontaneous road-trip to Bournemouth this Sunday gave me the perfect opportunity to take some much needed photos.

bournemouthBournemouth beach huts

Beautiful beach scenes, sexy beach babe hair and a surprisingly sunny weather forecast. Brilliant I thought, the perfect photo opportunity. Only I don’t get sexy beach babe hair, first sign of wind and I get a bonnet that Russell Brand himself would be jealous of. And I’m not so good at having my photograph taken either.  The standing still, the posing and the not-dancing-around-like-a-loon-out-of-pure-awkwardness all seem too much for me.

So whilst the location was perfect and the dress a success these are the photos I have to offer you….

Clover dress

I can only apologise. And say a massive I told you so. Loon dancing just comes so naturally to me. But even with the windswept hair, the pub lunch/cider/fish & chips full tummy and the cold evening winds doesn’t the dress look pretty? And look at the skirt…


It passes the spin test! Does anybody else still do this when they get a a new dress? Just me? ANYWAY…

A bit more about this make:

Pattern: This dress was made from the recently released Clover dress by Brooke Tyson from Papercut Patterns. This was my first time using a Papercut pattern and I’ve got to admit, I was in love with their design and packaging from the moment I opened it. They use recycled paper and even the instructions include a little Blue Peter D.I.Y cutting and sticking.

Fabric: This fabric was brought at Peterborough market on one of 2 fabric stalls there. At £3.99 a metre it has a lovely soft feel to it and a drape that makes it perfect for this dress.

The lace inset was made using a remnant piece I had in my fabric stash.

Fitting and changes made:

As you can see in the picture below, the pattern comes with instructions to make a tasseled belt using .

clover dress

The belts a bit marmitey isn’t it? Personally I don’t love it but I’m sure some people can pull it off. In the meantime I’ll be making use of my mountain of waist belts to hold this beauty in!

Aside from omitting the belt on this dress, I made up a small from the pattern and graded it down on the waist/skirt. The dress is meant to be floaty and I love that it is but I definitely felt that the medium was too tent-like.

Other than that the dress is made straight from the pattern and I’m just so happy with it 🙂 In fact, I’m already planning to make up a few more. I’d also love to make a beautiful top version like the Papercut one.

Isn’t gorgeous? But that’s for another day 😉

Elle x


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