Seven Days of Sewing: Day 1


Seeing as today was my day-off I thought I’d tackle one of my work-in-progress projects that I thought would be a bit more time consuming. I forgot to take a before shot but you see the purple/blue flowery dress/top in the picture below? That’s what I planned to sort .


Normally my dress making process involves some form of planning, normally going along the lines of See Pattern – Want Pattern – Buy Pattern – Buy Fabric – Make Pattern – Wear. Normally. But being a bit of a fabric magpie means that at times I see some fabric that screams “Buy ME” and throws this whole process into disarray.

This fabric was one of those…


At £2.50 a metre and with a beautifully soft drape to it, I knew this fabric would make something pretty and I knew I couldn’t wait to wear whatever item that was. I wanted to just start making. So I did.

I can’t remember the exact process I took to make this dress but I know I started with an adapted version of Gertie’s portrait blouse, used to make this blouse below:


This top was a wearable muslin of Gertie’s pattern but after making it up, I realised that having the front pleats just didn’t work for me. So after a quick unpick, I took the top in a couple of inches at the seams and had an everyday top that I loved. The colour in the photo doesn’t do this top justice, it really is pretty. And I loved the neckline, it’s pretty flattering.

So long story short… I used Gertie’s pattern to draft a new dress/top with a contrast yolk. Again, I want to warn you that this project was done with little planning or technical accuracy and a lot of just doing. It was also done with me forgetting (again) to take many pictures of the process.

But this is how it ended up looking…


I finished the neckline with facing as I like the finish it gives you and added an elasticated waistband (using a technique similar to that fantastically described here).

And that was it, my first unfinished WIP completed and the first day of seven days of sewing done 🙂

Tomorrow is my day at university so I plan to get some more hemming done and a few more projects finished and ready to wear. But more about that tomorrow…

Night night lovelies x


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