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Georgia on my mind


I’ve got a very exciting finished project to share with you all but first I need to make a very important introduction.

Blog buddies …meet Martha. Martha meet the world!


Isn’t she pretty? Martha is my dress-form, a surprise Christmas pressie given to me by the very generous boyfriend. Now I LOVE Martha. Many a time she has rescued from screwing up a project, convinced it won’t work, Martha has been there to show how it might look on and make it seem do-able. That said Martha does have her flaws. Firstly she’s not much of a talker and is known to loose her head (I’m sorry, couldn’t resist!). The actual problem with Martha is that she’s a non-adjustable body form. She looks pretty and elegant but at times when I’ve eaten too many puddings and my belly seems to be expanding, Martha remains her same slim self. I make clothes to fit my proportions, often needing to make a size-able full bust adjustment to do so, which means that at times what looks baggy on Martha will be snug as a bug on me.

Despite this flaw of never gaining weight (which FYI is equally annoying in REAL people) I can predict that many of my completed projects that I’ll be showing on this blog will be modeled on Martha. She never has bad hair days, bags under her eyes and taking photos of her in clothes doesn’t require any skill in contortion. So if items seem poor fitting, from now on, I will be blaming Martha 🙂

Excuses over on to the main act…


# Georgia, Georgia the whole day through. Just an old sweet song keeps Georgia on my mind #

Pattern: ,The stunning Georgia dress from By Hand London. I originally brought this pattern intending to take part in the sew-along held back in January but undecided on the fabric and scared of the fitting required it sat untackled for too many months.

Fabric: I brought this fabric from a man at Leicester Market who sells scraps of material left over (I imagine) from manufacturers. Not for the faint-hearted, you have to rummage through his stall, wait for his return from the bookies and then he will give you the price he decides in the moment.

I was lucky and got enough to make this dress, along with another piece of the black stretch fabric and a beautiful piece of neoprene (made into a soon to be blogged skirt) for £2.50. £2.50… absolute steal!

Fitting and changes made: I originally made a muslin out of cotton fabric for this dress in a UK12 and it didn’t seem any chance of it fitting. Vanity aside I went up a size to a (gulp) 14, completed a 3″ full-bust adjustment and boldly went for it. For a cost of £1.25 I went for the motto of “nothing ventured…”

Nothing ventured indeed! Using a full-bust adjustment meant that the finished bodice was easily 3 inches too big, which I was able to take in at the sides taking it down to somewhere between a 10/12. In the future, I think I will make the bodice in a 12, with the necessary adjustments and grade the skirt down to a 10.

I also found the straps were far too long for me, which was tricky given that I’d already sewn them in with the lining! I liked the wideness of the straps where they met the bodice and also wanted to wear the dress that evening so did a slightly botched job sewing them in the middle of the straps… passable for a muslin but this is something that I would address if I make again.

I also didn’t use a zip in the making in the dress, it would probably be necessary for a less-stretchy fabric but for these fabrics and with this fit it was not necessary.

Overall: A stunning dress pattern, that I will definitely be making again in the future. The fitted style of the dress means that it is important to get measurements and sizing right but the sew-along mentioned above is fantastic in guiding you with this… that’s if you actually read it before sewing rather than after making the mistakes! 

Lucky Georgia was ready just in time for a night on the town celebrating the birthday of one of my besties. Unfortunately, whilst Georgia looked the party, I’ve still not mastered the art of posing or even keeping my eyes open in photos but here are a few 3 blurry photos from the night nonetheless…


Till next time 🙂

Elle xx